My Luxury Wish List




If you want to invest in something that’s gonna last with you years, BALMAIN Blazer is a really good choice! The BALMAIN T-Shirt, ok, it’s very expensive for just a t-shirt, but it is so easy to style with jeans, and it looks really nice like that. Then I would pick The Valentino Dress or just some other classic dress with a little twist. When you buy a little more expensive dress, it’s good to choose a dress that you will use more than just once.


My dream bag is of course a Chanel classic flap black bag in gold hard wear, that’s the fashion lovers dream bag and mine too. I Love the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in monogram. I have seen the black and the pink one and I loved them too. I think I’m gonna go with a Louis Vuitton bag next time I purchase a bag! I just think the Metis is a little too much for my budget at the time right now. :/

I have been so in love with Gucci lately, I don’t know if it’s just the fashion trend at the moment that drags me into it, what so ever Soho and Marmont are my favorites.


I found these LE SPECS sunglasses on Net a porter and I’m in love! I have already 2 pairs from before. Again Gucci, a belt gives a pop to an outfit.  I would want to have the Louis Vuitton belt too.  The last accessorie would be the Chanel Brooch, with it your outfit looks a little bit more expensive 😉


When i think about designer shoes, I would of course choose Loubutin pumps in black. But really though, they are uncomfortable 😀 They are perfect for party’s and special occasions. The Chanel Espadilles I would love to have too, I’ve heard so much good things about them. They are sure more comfortable than the Loubutin heels 😀

One thought on “My Luxury Wish List

  1. I think Chanel is the epitome of designer bags for most of us girls :”D The value attached to the brand name is its biggest selling point but people are definitely paying for the quality as well. Bags and shoes are definitely so worth it and I am always very hesitant with designer clothes because of its versatility. If you are going for the shoes, I’ll say go for Valentino’s cause I heard they are pretty comfortable for heels! Love looking at people’s wish lists and spotting things i’m loving too

    Would love if you can check out my blog darl:D
    Xo, Vanessa


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